When is it time to engage workers compensation lawyers?

Workers compensation lawyers Sydney – it’s the hope of many that they’ll never need to put in a call on this front during their career. When the unexpected happens, having workers compensation professionals in your corner means that you are protected and you can take the time to heal as needed without financial pressures.   

So, when do you engage workers compensation lawyers Sydney?  

1. If you are injured at work, or become sick because of work. 

Workers compensation is an insurance that covers employees who have either been injured at work or fall ill as a result of their work. A workers compensation lawyer Sydney can ensure you receive your wages while you are unable to work and fight for any medical expenses that are declined by the workers compensation insurer.    

2. When bullying, harassment and intimidation leads to injury

The workplace should be a place to do just that: work. Every single employee, no matter the nature of their employment, has a right to feel safe and not to be bullied or harassed in their place of work. What about when things get too much? If a doctor diagnoses you with a physical or psychological injury and suggests you take time off work, you may need to make a workers compensation claim. If the claim is accepted, great. But what if it is rejected? That’s when you need workers compensation lawyers Sydney. 

Bullying is behaviour that creates a health and safety risk. Victimising, intimidating, threatening or aggressive behaviour, repeated teasing and practical jokes, pressure to behave inappropriately, being excluded from work-related events or unreasonable work demands all constitute bullying. If you’ve been bullied at work, there are experienced lawyers who can help you navigate the workers compensation system to assist with your recovery.  

When it comes to engaging workers compensation lawyers Sydney, you’ll need to show that there was an injury sustained during the course of work. Of course, you will need a medical certificate from your doctor to help initiate the claims process.  

It should be noted, though, that a claim won’t be accepted if your distress is caused by ‘reasonable management action’ – that is, if you’ve been transferred, demoted, disciplined, retrenched, dismissed or otherwise treated in a way that management would argue is reasonable. Your workers compensation lawyers Sydney can advise on how strong your case is on initial consult.  

3. If you are discriminated against in the workplace  

Just as there is no place for bullying in the workplace, nor is there a tolerance of discrimination.  

Discrimination in the workplace – this might be firing someone or demoting them based on their race, religion, gender or sexuality.  

It is flat-out unlawful for an employer to discriminate against an employee. It doesn’t matter if they are full time, part time and casual employees, probationary employees, apprentices and trainees, or individuals employed for fixed periods of time or tasks. 

If you sustain an injury as a result of discrimination, seek the help of workers compensation lawyers Sydney 

Workers compensation lawyers Sydney – meet Fern Lawyers  

We are a Sydney-based law firm with a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the workers compensation Sydney, NSW jurisdiction. We work hard to win workers compensation cases for our clients to ensure they receive the payments or treatment they deserve.   

It’s crucial, though, that you act quickly. Currently, there is a 6-month time limit for making a workers compensation claim. For common law negligence claims, your matter must commence in Court within 3 years of the injury. Seek our advice as quickly as possible after your workplace injury so we can help you in the best possible way.  

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