Personal injury on public property: 6 things to be aware of

Personal injury lawyers Sydney Australia – they’re a breed of professionals you had hoped you would never need to call on, but when it comes to injury compensation, they can help you get your life back on track.

What is public liability?  

Public liability is an area of law that covers a broad range of accidents and injuries that occur as a result of anothers negligence – and this is where your personal injury lawyers Sydney come into play. 

Public liability covers common incidents like slips, trips or falls in places like shopping centres, offices, footpaths or streets – be they the local council’s domain or on private property. Think wet, slippery floors with no warning signs or uneven flooring with poor lighting. In short, a personal injury lawyer Sydney can help in situations where your injury was not your fault.

If you injure yourself in a public place as a result of such conditions, pursing a claim – and the management of that claim – can be passed to personal injury lawyers Sydney Australia.  

What is the first thing to do when injured in a public place?  

Your number one priority is looking after your health. Seek medical attention immediately and report the injury. Remember, minor pains can develop into ongoing problems when left untreated.  

For more serious pain, visit a hospital or call an ambulance to the scene. Make sure each medical professional you consult is aware of the accident and symptoms of pain. Undergo any recommended investigations, such as scans, to assist doctors with identifying the problem.  

Personal injury lawyers Sydney Australia – how they can help you  

A public liability claim can be made by personal injury lawyers Sydney Australia where it appears the person responsible for the accident site was negligent, or where they did not take the steps necessary to ensure the space was safe. In almost all cases, a person or company responsible for a parcel of land, from home owners to shopping centres – have a duty to remove obscure, reasonably foreseeable risks.  

A personal injury lawyer will help you find the party responsible.  

Reporting your personal injury on public property

After taking care of any immediate medical needs, report the incident to the person you believe responsible. Ensure, too, that the incident is recorded in their records. They will need all the details you can provide, including your contact details. Try to obtain a photocopy of your complaint at the time for easy reference in future.  

What you can do to assist with your claim

Personal injury lawyers Sydney Australia will help you gather evidence to support your claim. These may include – but are not limited to:   

  • Obtain the names and details of witnesses.

  • Take pictures of the accident scene.

  • Take pictures of your injuries.

  • Keep any receipts for expenses that relate to the incident

Why you need personal injury lawyers Sydney Australia

Personal injury lawyers Sydney Australia will use the information you provide to undertake their own investigations. This will include:  

  • Contacting witnesses for statements.

  • Obtaining your clinical records.

  • Obtaining expert evidence.

  • Calculating the quantum of your claim.

And, your personal injury lawyer Sydney will also communicate with the other party to ensure you receive the best possible result. 

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